FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    How long is my message?
The recording time on the chip is 10 seconds. You will be surprised how much you can say to your pet in 10 seconds!

2.    How do I record?
First off, you can record by speaking into the front or the back of the PeTalk to determine the best spot for your voice. Simply press the red record button and keep it pressed while you are recording. Release the button when you are done.

3.    Can I set the volume?
No. There is no volume control on PeTalk. PeTalk is not meant to be heard throughout the house. PeTalk is meant to be placed in an area where your pets frequent or hang out such as in a room. Remember dogs and cats have better hearing than you do. You may wish to speak more loudly if you think your voice is too soft or you may wish to try recording from both sides (front or back) to determine which side sounds better for your voice.  You can even open the back cover of PeTalk and record right into the unit!

4.    How can I hear my message to make sure it is ok?
Simply press the yellow play button to playback your message. If you are not satisfied, repeat the recording process.

5.    How do I set the playback?
You set the playback by pressing the black set button. Once you press it, it moves to the next time interval and the led (light) will light up momentarily so you know which time interval you are on. When you turn PeTalk off, the time automatically resets itself to the one hour interval playback.

6.    How does the automatic playback work?
First off, playback is automatic! No one has to push a button and your pet "does not" have to do anything to get PeTalk to work! PeTalk works all by itself!!
Example:  Let's say you record a message at 10:15am and you set the playback for every hour. That means your message will playback at 11:15am, 12:15pm, 1:15pm, 2:15pm etc. until you turn PeTalk off.  If you set that same message to playback every two hours, then your message would playback at 12:15pm, 2:15pm, 4:15pm, etc. until PeTalk is turned off.  The same process for 3 and 4 hour playback.

7.    What powers the PeTalk?
PeTalk runs on 4AAA batteries. Battery life is determined by playback time intervals (meaning the more PeTalk plays back, the more battery life is consumed) and the amount of time the PeTalk is left on. Remember to turn PeTalk off when you are at home. We have found the battery life to be long.

8.    Does the battery life affect the PeTalk?
First off, you should start off using your PeTalk with new, fresh batteries. As with all battery operated devices, if your batteries are running low on power your device will act funny. PeTalk will be affected because PeTalk needs the power of the battery to run the microprocessor and voice chip properly. So if it starts sounding funny, then it is time for fresh batteries! Please replace all 4 at the same time not just one because they all work together to make your PeTalk function properly.

9.    Do I hang PeTalk from my pet's collar?
No, PeTalk can be hung from the pet's cage or the pet's carrier but is "not" meant to be hung from the pet's collar or anywhere on the pet. PeTalk can be placed on a table or where your pets hang out. Place it in a safe spot so that they can't play with it (PeTalk is not a toy) but in a place where they can still hear your comforting message. Common sense comes into play here. PeTalk has batteries and other electronic parts that we and you don't want your pets to eat.

10.    Is PeTalk just for dogs?
PeTalk is for any and all animals!  What animal wouldn't want to hear their owner's voice tell them they love them??

11.    How do I introduce PeTalk to my pet?
Introduce PeTalk to your pet as you would any other toy or device. Let your pet see PeTalk, sniff it, and hear your message a few times so that your pet becomes familiar with PeTalk.  On our website under the customer review section, a veterinarian talks about how she introduced PeTalk to her pet.



 Your Pet is Never Alone with PeTalk!

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