I do think the device helped with my mother's dog. She is around 16 and is getting somewhat finicky. Obviously, my mom doesn't want her dog to be sad but the moaning has been a constant area of complaint by a neighbor. So it was either don't go out, move out or hire a sitter. So far, the PeTalk seems to be efficiently replacing the sitter. Thanks!
MAK from CA

We just saw PeTalk on the Oprah show and ordered this unique item for some of our friends. What a great idea!
Ray from NY

I recently received your PeTalk as a gift and my little Chassie loves it. She perks her ears up everytime she hears my message. I just ordered two for some friends of mine.
Rose from NC

You've solved my Christmas gift dilemma for my friends with pets. PeTalk works with ALL animals! Thanks!
Hadley from CA.

We chose PeTalk to do the talking. Inspiring story on your site.
Sonny from MO.

We recently purchased a PeTalk before we left for vacation. I can't begin to tell you how great we felt knowing that our dog, Mista would hear our voices while we were gone. Thanks!
Jennie from PA.

We love our PeTalk! The timing is great. I wouldn't want to hear myself 'all' day long and neither would my dog, Alex!
Christine from SC.

Hi! I finally bought some AAA batteries about 2 weeks ago & the first thing I did upon my return home - even before unpacking - was to load up the PeTalk & record!! I had my dog, Quinnie, listen to the message several times in my presence & she was very inquisitive, definitely recognized my voice & perked up each time it was played. She grew up from a puppy alone and outside in a yard with scary noises all around & no one present or caring enough to calm & reassure her. As a result, in spite of her new home, owner & training, she is still often a timid and fearful dog. I'm sure it reassures her each time she hears the voicepal message when I must leave her alone. Thanks for your loving product!
Dr. Kathleen Deering
Uptown Animal Hospital

Our PeTalk comforted our Angel while she was recuperating from surgery. We hung it from her cage while she was recovering to tell her we loved her.
Samson from FL.

I have a cocker spaniel named Kid which is left alone for over 10 hours a day when I am at work. Thanks to PeTalk, I don't feel so guilty!
Aaron from OH.

I finally bought some new AAA batteries! Since I work from home and almost always bring my Yorkie, JaJa, with me when I go out, I tested PeTalk while I could see JaJa's reaction. While JaJa is usually indifferent or annoyed when one of her favorite people speak to her over the telephone, she seemed happy and curious when she heard my voice through PeTalk. Tonight I'm going to the theatre and will set PeTalk to play every hour. I'll recommend PeTalk to my clients and friends.
Karen from NY.

This is a MUST HAVE for any pet owner!
Sophie from NY.

We have been buying PeTalks for all of our pet lover friends. What a great idea and what a great gift!
Maureen from IL.

My dog doesn't play when I am gone. The fact that this works without my dog doing anything is fantastic! If he had to play with a toy to make it work it would be useless.
John from WA.

I got your PeTalk as a gift from a friend for my ferret and cats and they love it!
Susan from CA.

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